Tuesday, 5 February 2008

How's This For Speed?

It was Juliet's turn to set the monthly fun challenge on the 3C's yesterday. I've surprised myself at how quick I was to complete them. She set a 2 parter and the challenges were:

1) Alter a food container into something useful. Could be a coffee jar, tin, take away carton, pizza box -anything which you can recycle into something useful, but its original purpose must have been to hold food.

Extra points were given if we included hand doodling. Here's mine. I used a tub that had cheese footballs in that you get at Christmas. I covered the outside with pearlised lilac paper and lined the top of the lid the same. I die-cut the words, outlined them with purple pen and added chipboard flowers using hand doodling to join them all. On the top, I put a purple flower and brad I'd been sent by one of my 3C buddies when we did a secret stash swap last year. I loved it so much I didn't want to part with it, so using it like this means I get to keep it!

2) Well it had to be a Valentines card didn't it? I know some of you have already made one, but make him another - you know he's worth it!! The card must include the word 'love' and must have at least one heart on it.

Extra points were given for using real stitching (hand or machine stitching) and for including a bird. On mine I used pink pearlised paper, lilac ribbon with purple hand stitching, Google image of birds in the shape of a heart and die-cut lettering.


All Pink girl said...

Wow these are lovely ,great colours Dawnx

Marlou said...

you did a great job of this sarah!! and lovely card too :) x

bubblegum said...

Wow Sarah how quick were you. Love your altered food container and it is a great idea. :)

Your card is great too, love the stitching. ;) :)

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Oh My....how cute is this!!! Too much talent for one stamper!!!

Joani said...

Hi Sarah this is my first time in blog land and thought I'd visit you because we chat on the 3C's.

Love your blog. :) The altered container is great - well done and your card is lovely too. :) :)

Joani x

SmileyJo said...

oooh, the ribbon tub is fantastic! And if you need more, it's a perfect reason to eat more cheesy footballs! ;-)

Sarah C said...

I've got 3 more tubs thanks to Mum giving me one. The only thing is that they're only available at Christmas :-(