Thursday, 13 March 2008

Is There A Table Under There?

Has someone been crafting? No not just someone, Tee and I!! Tee is just a wonderful person and such a great friend. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I had the most fantastic time with her and her family. They all make me feel so welcome. Her DH even came back from the shop with some of the lacto-free milk I have at home (I really fancied a latte earlier and came up in a rash!). What an absolute darling he is.

Tee and I coffeed, browsed her favourite IRL craft shop, talked, laughed, cried (with laughter), crafted, drank wine, slept and crafted some more. What else did you expect to read? LOL
I'm so looking forward to having Tee come and stay with me sometime. Will be great to return some of the fantstic hospitality she showers me with.
Love to all who have taken the time to read my ramblings xxx


Anonymous said...

It looks like you two were very busy! :)

bubblegum said...

Well Sarah - doesn't llok tooo bad to me LOL, Sometime I'll take a piccy of mine and post it up :) I get into a right untidy mess. LOL

Debbie x

Louly said...

Wow you sure did have a great time, you lucky things. When I win the lottery and have a huge house and craft room I'm invited all of my Charmed friends over for a big crafting bash! How cool would/will that be!

Sarah C said...

This was after a tidyup LOL Looking forward to your lottery win Lou unless I get there first! Hmmm