Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New Blog

Now that I'm getting more and more into photography, I've decided to set up a blog just for my photos. At the moment, there's only the stones photo on as my blog header. I chose that photo as several of you said it was the best one out of the few I showed on here before. There will be more photos to post, but it's too late to do this at the moment. I need to try and get some sleep as it's just about 02:40 and I have to be ready to go out at 09:15 so I can't sleep in.

See you all here sometime soon. Thanks for looking.


#Donna# said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog, yours is lovely, alot more exciting than mine lol. I still can't work out how to add other people's blogs to mine as i had to get someone to do it for me last time but when i have worked it out i will add you. Take Care Donna x

Julia said...

Hi sarah,
just checked out your new photo blog. Looking good. Thankyou for the comment you left on my blog.