Saturday, 31 May 2008

An award, a job, holidays and a catch up

Thank you to everyone who is kind enough to visit me and leave me comments. You are all so lovely. I've also been lucky enough to receive some wonderful awards from some of you. They can all be seen lower down on the right. Here's the latest award I've received from my blogging and forum friend Emma. We're all asked to pass it on to 3 fellow bloggers, so after deliberating for ages, I'm passing it on to Tee, Juliet and Shell.

I hadn't realised how long it had been since I blogged. My life changed overnight almost 2 weeks ago. I saw a job advertised on the JobCentre website at lunchtime one day and applied. In just over an hour I was in an interview and half an hour later, I had the job which started the following morning. Was great, but so quick. From being someone who didn't work and could choose how I spent my days, I became a full-time working lady with no spare time at all! What's my job? Well, I'm employed by an agency and at the moment am a customer services administration assistant. It's ok and should last until the end of June after which, I'm hoping that the agency will be able to find me something else.

Went away at the end of my first week working. My youngest sister's in Birmingham studying and invited me to stay with her for the Bank Holiday week-end. We had such a fantastic time. I went to my first all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet followed by a waltzer ride at the fair. I do have a few photos of that week-end (not many as the weather was mostly dull and rainy and I was too busy enjoying myself to keep snapping away!). Some of these piccies will be on my photo blog in the next couple of days. I got home Monday evening very tired and sad to have had to leave as I was having a great time.

I really want to do some blog hopping, but I'm too tired for that tonight and must do some crafting tomorrow. I will visit you all soon I promise. I'm so looking forward to next Monday (9th) as I'm off to Tee's for 3 days.

Hope you're all keeping well. See you here again soon


Juliet said...

Thanks so much for the Award Sarah xx. What a pain having to work when all you want to do is craft eh? I wish I had more crafting time too! Glad you enjoyed Birmingham - that's where Matthew is at Uni and we have been for a couple of lovely weekends. He came home today for the summer, and it's really lovely to see him again :-)
Juliet xx

tee said...

Thank you so much for giving me the Award Sarah! I am so looking forward to your visit next week!!