Monday, 26 January 2009

UKS Whodunnit Cybercrop - Day 11

Thanks to the UKS Whodunnit Cybercrop, I shall go to the wedding. The final date for getting replies in is 29th January and as it's my youngest sister's wedding, you'd think mine would be one of the first to be sent back. How wrong you are as it's still sitting on my craft desk. But, it is one step nearer to being sent. I really must envelope it and take it with me when I go out tomorrow.

So, on to the Whodunnit Day 11 pre-crop challenge. We were challenged to use our decorative scissors. I used mine to cut the edges of the base card before I inked them. I also used corner scissors to cut the PP. The off-cuts from that, I used inside the card.

Dottie and George are pre-coloured and exclusively from Charmed

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Sammi said...

How fun!! Great idea!