Friday, 6 February 2009

UKS Whodunnit CyberCrop Days 12 - 21

Well, so much for keeping up with blogging! I'm officially useless at it. Never mind, I hope you're sitting comfortably today. Here's my work for days 12 - 21 for the UKS Whodunnit Cyber Crop pre-crop daily challenges (if you're interested in how any of it was done, please leave a comment to that effect and I'll come and find you):

Day 12: Doing Time - Make something time related
I made a small clock from a CD-Rom

Day 13: You're Nicked! - Use something unrelated to scrapping
I used wire mesh usually used for repairing cars

Day 14: Hello, Hello, Hello What have we here then?
Introduce yourself and your favorite detective/film/novel.

"Hi everyone, my name's Sarah C and I am totally addicted to stash, especially Bazzill and PPs. Green Tara blossoms are my all time weakness though and I've recently told myself that if I don't start using them, I won't have room for more

I'm not into 
crime/detective/thriller programmes/books/films, although as a child, I used to love watching and reading about The Famous Five and Secret Seven. Anyone else remember them? I still have a Famous Five book that I read more than once. Nowadays I prefer to read true life stories or chick lits. Sad, but true."

Day 15 : Go Ahead – Make My Day - Take a picture of what makes your day!
Lots of things make my day, but having pretty scrapbooking papers definately make my day and here they all are on the shelves David made me from wood scraps. Thanks David, it works a treat. 

Day 16 - I’ll be Back - use something you’ve not used in a while!
My mini wooden stamps

Day 17 - Little Grey Cells - make or use a miniature embellishment
This is about 1" in diameter

Day 18 - Mug shot - post a pic of yourself in the mug shot gallery...there is a special gallery for posting your mug shot in, you can either post a regular photo of yourself or you can go the whole hog and 'pose' with a number like a real mug shot!

Day 19 - CSI - Take a pic of things beginning with C S and I – they have to be placed together in the same picture

Day 20 - Between the Lines - make a journaling block, decorate it however you like
I got carried away and made several digi ones. The Dottie and George images are available excusively from Charmed.

Day 21 - Identity Parade - Detective Quiz that had to be e-mailed by 7pm tonight, which I've managed to do!

All 21 challenges completed and all 21 doughnuts received.

There was a pre-crop LO challenge and it had to be uploaded to the correct and hidden part of the gallery. I did my LO and somehow I uploaded it wrong. I have no idea what I did, but I did try and will show you that on Monday.

Cybercrop starts at 7pm tonight and continues until Sunday night, so I'll see you all here after that and upload all my work. We'll see how much I manage to do.

Take care and be safe out there if you have snow and ice like we do here.

Loads of love to all my friends
Sarah C xoxoxo


Ruth (ooffee) said...

You busy bee! Love the paper with the stars on it and the Dottie and George journalling papers!

Speak soon - Ruth x

Donna said...

Wow Sarah you have been busy and such fabulous creations too. I'm a terrible blogger too lol, Its not that I don't want to visit everyone Its just Life gets in the way. Hope your keeping well, take care. Donna x