Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thanks Leanne

My new blogging friend and fellow UKScrapper Leanne has given me an award today. Thank you so much for that and I display it with pride.

That was the easy bit. Now to choose 10 of my friends to pass it on to. Sorry if your name's not on the list, but I can only choose 10 of you :(

Thanks for looking.
Take care, love and hugs
Sarah C xoxo


maddy hill said...

congrats on your award Sarah ! and thanks for passing it onto me and calvin mouse !
love maddy

bubblegum said...

Hi Sarah - aww thanks for this gorgeous award and for thinking of me..:) :)


tee said...

Thank you my friend for the award..I shall add it to my blog with pride also!
xx Tee