Monday, 28 June 2010

UKScrappers Monopoly Cybercrop ~ April 2010 ~ Challenges

I wasn't able to take part in the latest UKScrappers Cybercrop which was based on the Monopoly game. Instead, I downloaded all the information to do at my leisure. I've managed to do every challenge LO and just have the classes to do. Here's the start of several LOs:

Regent Street
Use the sketch and scrap our favourite shopping experience.
Mine's the time I went to the Stamp and Scrapbook Show at Ally Pally.
The rub-on at the top says it all really

Vine Street
Use vines in some way on our LO

Water Works
A LO of a holiday we have loved and include something water based, either in the photo or a water based technique

Kings Cross Station
A LO with 4 photos and including some kind of cross or x X x 's
I didn't have 4 photos I wanted to use,
so cut a panoramic one into 4

Super Tax
LO using Posh Stash
I'd had some papers and die-cuts that I'd kept because "you never know when you're going to want to use it for that special LO". I used some of it for this challenge

Park Lane
Use a sketch of our choice and outside photos

Marylebone Station
Scrap a journey (one-off, regular one, long, short, love, hate etc) with no other restrictions/rules.
I went totally different with my interpretation of journey

This was in two parts:
1) cup of tea photo in a posh cup in honor of The Ritz
2) a LO detailling a NEW tradition to the family
Jo's tea part hen party has sparked a tradition of posh tea parties as she had one on her birthday this year too

Pass Go

Use an element from each team piece
For example:
THIMBLES ~ a stitching / sewing element
TOP HATS ~ a hidden element
CARS ~ a moveable / flap / pop up element
SHIPS ~ a metallic / shiny element

I've used:
THIMBLES ~ sewn the buttons together before sticking down
TOP HATS ~ more photos hidden under the front LO
CARS ~ the LOs are attached by hinges making a flap
SHIPS ~ the hinges are metal

Coventry Street
Use the sketch and do a LO all about FRIENDSHIP

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and will be making a start on the classes soon, I hope.

Thanks for making it too the end.
Take care
Love, Sarah C xx

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Sian said...

Wow, you was very busy during the crop!

Wonderful LOs all very different.