Friday, 30 November 2007

Happy Fridays

Would you believe Friday's here already? I've realised that Wednesday and Thursday have disappeared according to the world of Sarah C's Ramblings. So, what happened to them?

Wednesday passed in a blur. Was supposed to be going for a Job Seeker's appointment, but it's now on Monday morning. Not much happened apart from that, so that's Wednesday. Told you my life's exciting!

Thursday, what happened Thursday? Oh yep, I remember. Went for lunch and the afternoon to my friend's. Was really looking forward to it as we haven't seen each other for 6 weeks. Gosh how time flies. Catching up on everything was brilliant and we think we've put 'the world according to men' right again. Needs doing occasionally. I went there feeling a bit bleurgh, but after lots of cuddles from her 19month old, I left feeling much happier. He's the only child I know who can put his hand in a dog's mouth and not worry about it getting bitten off. He uses that method as we'd use a lead. It's a case of hand in mouth and follow me. Scary stuff usually and I'm hoping that nothing happens to make the dog change temperment as it would be quite nasty if he did. But they play so happily together with lots of giggles from the little man.

Had to brave Tesco in the evening and was surprised to find it wasn't very busy. 18:30 at the till and there was a cashier waiting for us. Can't be bad. As I'd fallen asleep Wednesday evening for a couple of hours, I woke at 11pm and was awake all day until I fell asleep at about 11pm last night. Woke today at 4:45 which means I've actually had nearly 6 hours sleep. Can't wait to be normal and sleep properly.

If you're looking for me today and can't find me on the 3C's site, I'll be hidden in amongst my craft goodies. There's a couple of card competitions I want to enter and the closing date for them is today. *Note to self - pull your finger out (ouch!) and get a move on. You may come last, but it won't be official.

Will be back with piccies later today.
Luv n hugs to all xxx

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