Friday, 14 December 2007

New Beginnings

Have been busy making Christmas cards this week for some of my friends. Will post piccies once I know they've been delivered.

I had a couple of hours stint covering in my cousin's son's D.I.Y. shop Thursday lunchtime. After which, I had a job interview at a taxi company to do the same radio controller (despatch clerk) work I've done for almost 20 years. Well, I got offered it and have accepted. I go next Friday daytime for a few hours to be shown how they do things and then I'm there the next night with the boss. I'll be starting work properly on the 27th December I think. I have a half hour journey to get to it and will be starting work at 6am at least a couple of mornings a week! HELP!!!

Thursday evening I went to my niece's school's outdoor carol concert. It was nice, but a bit cold.

Christmas shopping with mum today. Wonder if we'll have a successful time?

Luv to you all and thanks for reading xx

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Juliet said...

Congratulations on your job Sarah - hope you are pleased, even having to start work at 6am! Good luck!
Juliet xx