Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas Shopping

With Christmas getting close, I've actually started my shopping. Out with Mum yesterday, I have nearly sorted the children out plus a couple of adults. I so love a bargain and managed to do well with them. Have got a mental list for nearly everyone else too and hoping to get those on Monday evening. I have 2 problem presents to get. My nephew who's 13, isn't really into anything much, says there's nothing he wants and his Mum is struggling too. Also, David's Nana who is typical of today's older generation - doesn't have loads, doesn't want loads and everyone struggles to buy something for. I'm not a meanie, but why oh why do we put ourselves through this every year? If people really don't want anything, then why don't we just make them a really nice card with a lovely verse inside and leave it at that? I will never know and every year will struggle to find that 'something' for them all. But they appreciate the gesture and that's all that matters.

Have been out today and managed to get another present sorted. I'm getting there. Tonight is the night for getting the rest of the cards made that need posting. I can see a busy time ahead of me.

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bubblegum said...

Glad you're getting all your pressies sorted. Hope you got your cards done last night too. Yip, sure is a busy time of year for everyone, but it is worth - isn't it. LOL

Debbie x