Friday, 7 December 2007

It's Friday!!!

It's Friday which means I'm off to see

stage show at Birmingham tonight. Tickets have been booked for 48 weeks and counting. Have you guessed I'm looking forward to it?
Had my hair cut and coloured on Wednesday by my hairdresser sister. The style's a bit different (choppy I think you'd call it) and the colour's not as dramatic as we thought it would be, but I like it. Haven't got an updated piccie yet.

Have been doing a little crafting this week. Had a play around with a couple of new card templates - K-Card and Spring Card. Need to perfect the K-Card, but I love the look of them both. Have also made another curvy card ready to give my sister for Christmas. She said she's expecting different and amazing and until
Lou released this, I was getting worried. Once again, I need to get my camera out in daylight. I've altered the front of Lucy's Christening card and will post that on here too.

I have a busy week-end as I'm out tonight. Leaving at midday as we're meeting my little sis who's in Birmingham studying. Going to McD's with her to have tea. Saturday evening I'm going to Mum's to stay the night. Sunday morning Mum and I are off to church for Lucy's Christening. Don't know if they're doing lunch afterwards, but if not we're going to find somewhere to eat. Next Thursday I get to go Christmas shopping. No, not for my bits, but to drive Mum and do her carrying. I guess if I see anything I'll pick it up. Still waiting for David to re-schedule his day off so we can go and do ours, as he had to work this Thursday instead of being off.

That's my offerings for now. Talk to you all tomorrow. Get ready to hear all about

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