Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What A Brilliant 2 Days

What a great start to my week. Went to stay with my friend Tee on Monday morning and came home Tuesday late afternoon. I thought it'd be a great idea to head off early, so left at 07:30. Silly me forgot that that would be the day that everyone would be on the road. Usual commuter traffic plus those who were back to work after the Christmas/New Year break. Even so, it only added half an hour to my journey.

What a blast I had. I was really nervous about staying with Tee even though we'd met at the Bury Craft Show in September, but all my apprehensions went as soon as she opened the door. Tee's husband was away working so we never met, but I did meet her son, lodger and some of their friends. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We even managed to get some crafting done and started a Maze book for one part of Carmen's challenge on the 3C's site. I'm planning on getting some more of it done this afternoon.
So, I'd best get off here and get crafty. Take care until we meet again xx


tee said...

Sarah,it was so nice having you come to visit and stay here. You are welcome anytime and I totally enjoyed our chats and our craft session! am planning a pj party now! :) I am really glad we made you feel at ease, its good to know we can do that.

bubblegum said...

What a lovely thing for the two of you to meet up - must have be great fun once you got the intors over with. Glad you got some of your maze book done too. :) :)

Debbie x

SmileyJo said...

yay...sounds like you had a great time, and Tee sonds lovely! And suprise suprise, you did some crafting?! lol