Tuesday, 8 April 2008


On UKS, the current weekly challenge set by the Spring Chicks is:

It’s World Health day today, 7th April, and marks the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year.

World Health Day

As their website site is blue, orange and white, please use 2 of those colours in your layout = 10 points
Use the sketch below = 10 points
Use any sort of ribbon = 5 points
Use 7 brads, eyelets or embellishments on your LO = 5 points
Your LO can be on any theme and we’ve deliberately left the sketch simple as it’ll be interesting to see how you interpret it.

I did this LO, then realised I hadn't used the colour combination, so I had to think again if I wanted maximum points. I did fulfill the other requirements though. I used the sketch, used green ribbon on 2 of the corners and used 7 eyelets (6 on the corners and 1 on the tag). The tag covers some journalling.

This is my second attempt at the challenge and the one I'm claiming full points for for The Ruby Snippers.

I used orange and white, the sketch, yellow/orange ribbon (down the sides of the coloured paper) and 6 orange brads (on the ribbon and in the centre of the flower).

If I end up doing 2 LO's for each weekly challenge, it won't take me as long to scrap all my photos. Will still take years, but as long as I enjoy doing it, who's complaining? Not me, that's for sure LOL

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