Thursday, 17 April 2008


all my troubles seemed so far away ................... la la la la la ........... Sorry, I just had that song pop into my head.

Right, so, what about yesterday I hear you ask. You are asking aren't you? If not, why not? Do you already know what I got up to? For those of you who don't know, I went out with my sister again.

I took her to visit Tee and her mum as I was taking Tee some packing boxes. We had a lovely morning with them. After taking Tee to work for her afternoon/evening shift, Jo and I went to a farm shop (Tee had taken me there before) for a ploughman's lunch. We had a browse through the shop afterwards, then went a little further to the craft shop. Jo seemed to be drawn to all the pink - papers, flowers, brads, inks, embellies .................. Can you tell she likes pink? LOL

We left there at 5pm and decided to take the scenic route home. We stopped at a Tesco on the way, bought a tub of flake ice-cream and some spoons and found a nature place to sit and eat it. It was so lovely with the sun coming in the car too. Scenic routes are always longer and; taking out the stops for Tesco, the ice-cream and pizza, it took us about 4 - 5 hours to do what would normally take me 2. Still, it was a lovely drive with good company.

I got home at about 10:30pm and was in bed asleep by 11pm. Didn't wake until 9:30 this morning and felt so much better for it. I'd had 3 hours each on Sunday and Monday nights.

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tee said...

What a lovely morning we had chatting and just chillin! It was lovely meeting your sister too! Glad you had a good time after dropping me at work. :)