Saturday, 17 May 2008

Another LO & Some Rare ATC's

I have weeks where I craft a lot and others that have hardy anything done in them. I was crafting a bit on Thursday evening and yesterday and this is what I did.

Firstly, it was my turn to set the challenge on 3C's on Wednesday. I chose a 2 part challenge and completed the first part yesterday. My challenge was:

The saying goes “March winds and April showers, bring forth May flowers”. Heading this, my first challenge is:

To do a Lay-Out using a photo of flowers or plants. Easy? Maybe a little too easy, so I challenge you NOT to use: glitter, bling, pink, photos of people or pets

I used small photos of various flowers in my garden. I stuck them onto a piece of yellow Bazzill and doodled around the edges and the top using orange and green brush markers. I also used those pens to draw wavy lines and to do the journalling. I didn't think the LO needed a title and will be used as the front page for an album about my flowers and garden.


I used to make and swap ATC's until some people started getting very fussy and nit-picky about what they looked like. I always thought an ATC was a way to show case your work using whatever medium you liked to use ~ papers, inks, stamping, watercolouring, stitching, beading, rub-ons, peel-offs etc. How can you say that someone's ATC is not good enough or right if it's what they like to do? So, I had quite a long break from making them and decided to just 'go for it' and join in again. If the recipient doesn't think my work is good enough for them and feel they have the right to say so, so be it. If I like it, then surely that's all that matters. These little works of art aren't often made with the recipient in mind, they are made to your tastes, with your craft loves and techniques on.

Here's 3 identical gatefold ATC's I've made for an organised swap. I haven't shown the right hand side of the open ATC as that has my contact details on. To make them I inked a piece of white card using orange, yellow and green VersaColor cube inks. I then cut the ATC's out and gate folded them. Inside, I stamped an image of roses using orange, green and brown brush markers. I tried to do yellow roses, but they didn't show too well. I added written details with the brown brush marker. To make the band thing (yes I know it has a technical term, but Ive forgotten it!!) to hold it closed, I inked some more white card and cut 3 lengths of it. I wrapped them round each ATC to get the sizes correct and stuck the overlaps down to form a wrap. I punched a hole in each at the joins and used eyelets to hold blooms which I'd taken from dismantalling layered blooms (from a cheap shop).


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about ATCs Sarah - they are made with love for exchanging with others. Why people think they should choose what they want and comment on the ones they don't like I have no idea!

I think your ATCs are lovely!

I plan on making some for Ally Pally in September to hopefully swop with friends.

Jules said...

I think your ATCs are lovely too :o) I know what you are saying though, and I am always worried about what people think about my work. I have set up a blog to just giveaway some things like ATCs, bookmarks, tags etc. That way people are getting "something for nothing" and have no right to complain if my work isn't up to their standard ;o)
Jules x

Joani said...

I also totally agree with you, I have and have seen your ATC's and think - KNOW they are lovely. Why do people think they have to be so judgemental about others and what the do or make - live and let live and just try to be happy and spread happiness. Life is hard enough without b********.
Keep up your great

bubblegum said...

Excellent work Sarah - your L/O is fabulous and great design. ;) Hopefully I will get time to do it, lol.

Your ATC's are brilliant - love the gatefold. ;) :)

Debbie x

Sian said...

Lovely LO, and lovely looking flowers. Sounds like a great challenge!

Your ATCs are gorgegous, very fresh ;)

Mellie said...

Great way to show off your flowers Sarah.

The ATCs are great. Nothing wrong with them at all and if people think there is I have a large frying pan (not Karen's) ; )

Ana Baird said...

Your ATC's are very pretty Sarah and you layout is lovely. Love the flowers. The wire I used for the silver wire flower is 24 gauge (I think is about 0.5 mm) which is not a very thick one though I think 20 (about 0.8mm) gauge would a good one to use as it's not so thick but not thin either but sturdy enough. Hope this info helps.

Emma said...

Hello babe...there is a little something for you on my blog....enjoy!!

Marlou said...

great atc's Sarah and you have made some fab layouts too, enjoy your weekend :)