Sunday, 15 June 2008

Look What Some Of My Crafty Friends Have Sent Me

Yes, I've had a birthday this last week! As well as the gorgeous cards on the slideshow, I have also received some scrummy stash and a delicious bag of dairy free chocolate buttons.

Thank you all so much. The cards are proudly displayed near my computer (which is why the photos aren't the best they can be - sorry about that.

To celebrate my birthday, I had a few days off work and went to stay with my lovely friend Tee. We went craft shopping and out for lunch on the Monday and had Chinese delivery and a couple of bottles of wine in the evening. We had such a laugh. While I was there, I managed to do 3 LO's. Two were for UKS challenges and one was 'just because'. See post below.


Sian said...

I don't believe it, I missed your birthday. Next year I'll get the right day ;)

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday *kisses*

Sarah C said...

Hmmm.......... I had to read this 3 times!! I'll wake up one day LOL Yep, 9th June next year's a biggie for me as I have a zero on the end!! :(

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Tee had a good time together (I said that on her blog to lol!)

Louly said...

It sounds like you had a great time with Tee Sarah. You got some gorgeous cards. Have you tried out your template yet? It's so much better now.
I just went to find your name on my places to visit list and it's disappeared! Eek. I just wanted to say, in case you've noticed, it wasn't intentional. I'm off now to put it back!

#Donna# said...

Happy birthday for last week sarah, my biggie is next year too but i think i get there before you. lol hope you had fun. x