Monday, 14 July 2008

A Bit of A Bright Sit Down and Tee's Challenge Part 1

Good morning everyone and how are we all? For me it's Monday lunchtime and the sun's been out to warm the air. Yesterday we managed to sit outside and eat lunch (jacket pots, burgers (yes, mine were veggie ones) and salad). It was a chance to try out my new patio furniture and here's one of the chairs.

I did warn you it was a bit of a bright sit down in the title of this post!! LOL One of my sisters is going to see if she can get me a yellow parasol from B & Q while she's out today ~ woohoo!!!!! It'll look so much better than the blue/green floral one we used yesterday.

Aargh............ just had a midgie crawl over the computer screen. Shouldn't complain really cos it probably means Summer's here at last. I just hope they don't get into my craft stash like last year :(

On Charmed my friend Tee set the challenge for the next 4 weeks. This is what she said:
For my first challange I would like you to do a Scrapbook Layout, it can be any size you wish to do, and either a single or double layout, the choice is yours.

The extra bits are as follows that I would like you to use within your layout.

1. Please use foam on your layout.

2. ribbon to also be used

3. Visible Journaling and please make it more then just a title.and please feel free to add any other embellishments you wish to use.

My take on it is this:
1. I've hand-cut pink funky foam for the title and distressed it using white acrylic paint.
2. I've put a strip of ribbon along the bottom and up the right-hand side.
3. Visible journalling for me was the easy part as I love to do this.
The chipboard arrow is from a Bo Bunny pack and I've painted it with copper acrylic that I've mixed with white. Ive also added white acrylic paint to the paper to layer the photo on
BTW, spot the spelling mistake!!! LOL

Watch this space for my take on part 2. I haven't even started it as she only set these challenges yesterday.
Right, I'm off to get a drink and do some crafting. Catch you all here soon.


bubblegum said...

Great L/O Sarah. Love how you have painted your arrow and the ribbon going up and across - nice touch. :) :)


bubblegum said...

Oooops thought your new chair was in a different post - what am I like??

Anyway Sarah - your chair is gorgeous and I love the colours, bright, vibrant and warm looking. :) :)