Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Crash and More

My computer crashed on Friday night! Panick stricken I called PC World to ask for help and heard an automative voice tell me to ring a £1.50 a minute number and was told the call could last for 20 minutes!!!!!!!!! £30? No way, so I hung on and spoke to a very nice gentleman who helped me within 5 minutes on the normal rate number. Even then, I was told that I would have to do a system re-boot, loose everything and re-install all the programmes again. I was so grateful that I'd spent hours a month ago putting all my craft things and photos onto CD-Roms. The only thing I think I lost was some photos of Ely Cathedral, but I can always go and take more. Any excuse to act like a tourist around my home town.

After giving my work placement a great review, I think I've just done my last day there :( My supervisor decided that they wouldn't need me on Wednesday as they've got a work experience lad in and I'm off Thursday for my sister's graduation. If they get on ok Thursday without me, then I won't be back. Most of the staff that I've come to know had already left for the day, so I've not been able to say goodbye to them which is a huge shame. I'm hoping that the agency will be able to find me something else by Monday if I'm not going back. I was getting used to having the money each week and Ally Pally's less than 13 weeks away!!

Did you see the canvas I decorated for a family friend? I got home tonight to find Tim had sent me a really lovely thank you note. As he's a very talented artist (I have one of his paintings hanging in my dining room), I was so nervous giving it to him and never got to see his reaction when he opened it as it was still wrapped when we left. I'm so pleased he liked it though.

Well, that's me for now. Crafting's been on the slow to stop side these last couple of weeks. Hoping to have something to show you soon. Take care all of you.
Love to all xxxx

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