Friday, 22 August 2008


I've been tagged by Shell (thanks, this is certainly different! lol). These are the rules:-

If you are tagged, you must firstly post the rules:
1. Write 7 strange characteristics about yourself. They interest us all!
2. Tag 6 other people at the end of your Post.
3. Visit everyone that you have tagged and leave a comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.

So, my strange characteristics:

1. I have a problem when things go right as I wonder what'll go wrong next
2. I talk to myself too much
3. If I have to walk a distance, I find myself counting my steps. I blame my Dad for that one as he had my sisters and I do that when we did a sponsored walk as children. It was his way of keeping us going. Believe me, it actually works and it's just over 300 steps from mine to the main road bus stop! Hmmm.........
4. I find myself spelling words (in my head) that I see printed down if I'm stressed or worrying about something
5. I have to have tins in the cupboard facing the same way with the labels to the front and all the same thing has to be stacked together. Something David doesn't share with me, so the tins and jars are all over the place. I can't even argue as I can't reach half the shelving cos I'm such a shortie!
6. I sing along to the radio in the car and get embarrassed when I realise that the other drivers will most probably realise that
7. If I'm on my own and do a 'botty burp' (come on, we all do!!!!! LOL) I still say "pardon me" even though no-one else knows, cares or can hear me.

There ya go, I've spilt the beans and given you a laugh. Are you lucky enough to not have your name on my list I wonder or is it your turn to reveal all?

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Donna said...

lol @ botty burp, you are so polite and no one could accuse you of having no manners, even the ghosts lol. Your Dottie card is so cute, really beautiful and thank you for sharing such ahem 'personal' information with us, it gave me a giggle. Donna x

Karen said...

ha ha ha, you did make me laugh - especially the last one xx