Thursday, 26 February 2009

Cards For Different Occasions

I've made 3 cards in the last 24 hours for such different occasions. I definately am not a card maker nowadays and much prefer doing scrap pages. Oh well, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet as they say, so here's the cards:

1)This is for my cousin's as it's her birthday on Saturday. I've glittered alternate stripes on the backing paper which you can just about see.

2) My youngest sister and her DH-to-be get the keys to their first home tomorrow and I want a card to be on the doormat when they first get there (please Royal Mail don't let me down). The house design was card lifted from a card by my friend Juliet. It's not half as good as her card is, but I had to go to plan B when my stupid computer wouldn't realise I'd put a disc in it's drawer with downloads on. I wanted to use the back to front Dottie and George on it!

3) This card's for my mum's cousin (see post below). I've tried to make it suitable for a man to receive, but have a touch of femininity and gentleness, hence the lace.

Thanks for looking
Lods of love and hugs
Sarah C xoxoxo


Sammi said...

well, for not a card maker you make some pretty good cards! :)
I love these ones... sorry to hear your computer was not playing nice!

Mrs N said...

We love our card! And it had arrived in time, cos estate agent put the envelope on out mantlepiece for when we arrived! fantastic! Thanku xx