Thursday, 23 April 2009

Go Mikey!!

Lou's digital downloads are always worth waiting for and the latest collection (MIKEY) is no exception. Have a look here and then hop over to Charmed to get yours. You can see cards made using them at Dottie's World.

The best things about them for me are that:
1) there's no waiting for them to arrive in the post
2) you can re-size them to your needs
3) you have a choice of choosing them with a white background or transparent
4) they don't cost much
5) they'll make teen boys and young men's cards so much easier to make

Have I convinced you to get them yet? I have? You won't regret it. Just in case you need any more convincing though, here's a picture of the pre-coloured ones you get along with the black & white images for you to colour as you wish.

Thanks for looking
Take care, love and hugs
Sarah C xoxoxo

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Sammie said...

Thanks for visiting me so quickly. It's lovely to be back -even if it's just as simple Sammie. I've had a lovely few moments browsing thru your blog. Isn't Mikey's hair cool!
Sammie x