Thursday, 7 May 2009

Birthday Candy Charity Cards

It's nearly my friend Sammie's birthday and also Race For Life time. Sammie goes to belly dancing classes and her class are going to belly dance the 5K in pink costumes! Sammie has also thought of another way of raising these worthwhile funds and is asking people to make and donate a pink or blue (to be PC) card that she can sell at her church in aid of CANCER RESEARCH. She will be giving away candy to someone who does and for every 10 cards she receives, she'll be adding another item to the pile. Who knows how big the candy stack's going to be, but it's sure to be very sweet. So, get on over there and start making your card. Thanks Sammie for doing this. I know that just about everyone has or will come into some contact with cancer and will want to help.

1 comment:

Sammie said...

Wow -thanks for this publicity!!! And dig that funky belly dancer!!!
Have a great weekend.
I'll be pondering the May Day theme! Must admit I immediately thought Maypoles, but then I saw you'd gone for that. HmmmmmMMM...