Sunday, 25 November 2007

Another Day Passes By

Saturday and I was feeling yuck. Finally fell asleep at about 6am!! Woke 4 hours later with a migrain. Why can't I just sleep through these so I don't know I've had them?

When I finally got about it was mid afternoon and the house was so cold. Sorry everyone, but I think Winter's here.

As usual, I had to check e-mails and catch up with my friends at
3C's. I had such a productive day - not! Managed to get 2 loads of washing done and found out that my tumble dryer's stopped working. Can't really complain as it's at least 9 years old and is used loads. Must get a new one ordered on Monday.

Spending the next 2 days at my Mum's. Will be nice to have a change of scenery, but of course I have to take some crafting with me and I still have access to the internet. So, I shouldn't be here really. I should be packing some clothes to take with me.

See you all here again soon. Luv 'n' hugs xxx

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