Saturday, 24 November 2007

Sleep? What sleep?

Today's been a bit different to say the least! I normally don't do or achieve very much in a day, but.......

To start with I woke at 02:50 and couldn't get back to sleep, so up I got. Spent the next 3 hours on here checking craft forums and still didn't get round all the posts. Boy can we crafters talk!

Spent the day: sitting with my cousin's DD for over 2 hours this morning getting her very poorly 1yr old DS off to sleep, visiting a friend at home who'd recently been in a psychiatric hospital for 6 months (that was hard as I didn't know what to talk about, but the fresh cream slices I took were nice!) and taking my mum to catch a train to Birmingham. Bless her, the last time she got on a train to go any distance was 14 years ago when she came on a surprise visit to see me in Manchester. To say she was nervous was an understatement. She'd reserved her seat and ended up at a table with 2 young (ok, my ageish) handsome looking suited men. I'd've swapped places with her any day!

Tonight's been spent on the wonderful 3C's forum. How time flies. Logged on at just after 20:00 and next thing I knew it was midnight. What a lovely lovely bunch of ladies. I had such a laugh. If you've never been there, come on and check it out. It's a great forum and a chance to talk about anything and everything. We even talk about craft occasionally. Right, I've now been up far too long and need some sleep. Tomorrow is crafting day. Will show you my latest creations when I've taken piccies.

Luv and hugs from me to you xxx

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Louly said...

My what a busy day you've had Sarah, did you save me a cream slice? I love the music on your blog. I agree 'Charmed' is the BEST!!!