Thursday, 22 November 2007

This is me

To all those (you know who you are) that said I should get a blog, I have! Now you're going to see just how exciting my life is.

I'm British and we Brits are obsessed with the weather, so the forecast for today is dull and grey, but the sun's trying to break through. As I'm not going anywhere, I'm not too bothered except that it's so cold.

I'm crafting later today. I have 12 Christmas cards to make for my ex's Nana. Shouldn't be too hard as she wants 4" square ones with matting and layering and a picture topper. Need to make matching envelopes too and must print the backs and insides before I get crafting.

Will be back soon with more I'm sure. Until then, take care and if it's cold where you are, wrap up warm.

Luv and hugs from me to you xxx


bubblegum said...

Hey Sarah, welcome to blog land :) Glad you set it up, will pop you on my favs if that's ok and then I can pop over frequently. :)

Have fun

Debbie x

Juliet said...

It's looking great Sarah - love the colour scheme. It is VERY cold here today and I am snuggled up in a big chunky sweater next to the radiator! Good luck with the Christmas cards and I am looking forward to seeing them on here!

Marlou said...

Hi Sarah, welcome to blogging land!! looking forward to seeing your creations :) x