Monday, 26 November 2007

Two Into One

Haven't had Sunday's offerings yet, so.... Made it to mum's in time to get lunch there. Veggie bacon in french stick bread with brown sauce - yummy! Spent the afternoon making the cards for David's Nana - eventually!! Brought the camera, took piccies, then realised that I need the lead that's at home and the programme that's on my own computer. Will post them on here when I get home.
I had a surprise phone call yesterday evening from one of my cousins. Her 9yr old DD has started going to the 'big' church and is going to be christened on 10th December. At her age they don't need Godparents, but she wants one of her mum's good friends and me to be hers. I feel highly honoured as I've never been a Godmother before. Racking my brain now to work out what to get her for a pressie. She's already got a cross on a chain and a nice bible as she went to my mum's church for a few years and was dedicated there.

Did anyone watch the Kylie documentary last night? I did, thinking it was only an hour long, but was actually on for 2 1/4 hours. As I'd been up since 1am, I was feeling rather tired at the end and was in bed and asleep by 11pm.

Woke today at 5am and got up. Was going to do some crafting, but only brought with me what I needed to use to do the Christmas cards. That'll teach me for getting ready in a hurry. Sat in a chair after lunch and fell asleep for a couple of hours, then just sat and read my magazine. Picking mum up from the station just before 9pm and she's decided we're getting takeaway on the way home. Not a very exciting day in my life, but at least it's one that I've been able to have. For that I'm grateful.

Luv 'n' hugs to all xxx

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Juliet said...

Oooh congrats on being chosen as Godmother Sarah. It's hard to know what to get for a pressie - I'm useless at ideas, sorry. Can't wait to see your cards.