Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Christmas Cards

Well, I'm back home after nearly 3 days at mum's. Have managed to get the Christmas cards uploaded that I made for David's Nana.

These are cute 4" square cards with matching envelopes. Each card has a Christmas greeting printed inside and on the back:
For Olive
By Sarah

I just hope she likes them. Must get them to her this week.

Gonna scare you all now as it's DECEMBER 1st on SATURDAY!! Time to get the Christmas decorations from the loft and put them up I think. I like to get my money's worth from them. Just had a look around to see if the tree will fit in my room as things have been changed and moved around. I think I've worked it out. Anyone got another suggestion?


bubblegum said...

Wow, Sarah you have been busy - the cards are fabulous - very ell done. :)

Yip, 1st Dec is surely drawing ever nearer - yikes !!!!!

Debbie x

Juliet said...

Great cards Sarah. I have decided to buy a new tree this year...going on Saturday to choose one. New start and all that!