Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Day

Woke at about 8 on Christmas Day to find that Father Christmas hadn't been here. So, got up, had some crumpets and got ready to go to Mum's. Christmas at Mum's is always great. Walked in to Mum's to find the tree laden down with presents which got opened after lunch. Mum had even filled me a stocking as she thought I was sleeping there the night before. She loves tradition, so my sister and O/H Mark had done her one too.

I love Mum's Christmas lunches - veggie roast, roast pots and mash, roast parsnips, Yorkshire, carrots, mushy peas, Brussels sprouts and stuffing followed by Christmas pud and custard. All washed down with a glass of wine.

We banished Mum to the living room while we cleared the table and despite having a dishwasher, there were still things to hand-wash! Sorry Mark, just couldn't resist posting it! You know I luv ya really. You did make a good job of it.

My sister's mad! In one of the films her and Mark had seen, there was a weather thingy where you can choose what weather you want. Apparently Mark made the remark that "Oh, it'd be so fantastic to have one of those". So, she made him one. On reading the note that came with it, he realised that if he wanted rain and pushing the right numbered button didn't work, he was to go to the bathroom, run a cold shower and stand under it holding an umbrella. For sun, he had to book a tanning session. Ice? Empty the freezer and stand in it. A rainbow? Blow some bubbles and look directly into them. And so on. She'd even made picture weather sticks for him to put in the top where the curly hair is. It was mad, but ingenious.

Yes, Santa had found somewhere to take my presents. I'd forgotten that in my letter to him, I'd told him I was probably going to be at Mum's the night before and that's where they were. Hers some of the things I got: Alphabet die cuts for my new Big Shot, beads, sequins and funky foam shapes, 2 duvet sets, a black fluffy magic scarf, beauty products, cordless screwdriver, chocolate, money and an A3 printer that I actually received in the summer.

Mum's dog wasn't forgotten either. Bless her, she's so small and Mum bought her a squeaky stocking toy. She spent several minutes working out how to open her mouth wide enough to be able to carry it. We thought she was going to get lock jaw, but she did it in the end. That's what you call determination.

After an evening of playing the Taboo board game amongst others we were all shattered, but a good day was had by all and that's the main thing.

I came home Boxing Day at lunch time and spent the afternoon crafting - well, playing with my new die cutter. I didn't achieve much apart from that, but there's always another day.

Hope you were all able to have great days and feel happy, full and refreshed.


bubblegum said...

Wow Sarah it looks like you all had a wonderful time together. I love tradition too and always make up stockings for my lot, ct and all. Glad your pooch wasn't lfet out. Love your OH weather thingy - brilliant idea. :) :)

Debbie x

All Pink girl said...

wow what a great christmas ,its so nice when its like that ,Dawnx

Louly said...

What a great day you had! Your family sound brilliant. I love the weather pedictor idea! I bet she's a really fun girl.

SmileyJo said...

hey, it was a good Christmas wasn't it?! Yep, some of my ideas were a bit mad, but's the time of year to be silly!!! Great blog! x