Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Birthday Crafting

It was my friend Jo's birthday on Monday and is her DS's 2nd birthday Wednesday (28th & 30th). So, I made 2 cards and altered another magnetic peg. The words on her card say "I'm ready for anything".


bubblegum said...

Oooh love your peg Sarah - it is fab , I haven't altered one yet and would to give it a go. :) :)

Both your cards are great the first one ooh is a bit ris-key, lol,lol. :) :) :)

Hope you r friend and DS have had great birthdays. :)

Debbie x

SammieJay said...

I particularly like the cheeky gatefold card. I've not made a gatefold card yet, but I sense that it won't be long!!!!
SammieJay xxx

SammieJay said...

Oh and P.S -I love the new specs!

Karen said...

Great cards Sarah, particularly love the first one. Super!