Tuesday, 8 April 2008


My youngest sister's funny. She used these to see what she could see at Clacton. Apart from being able to see the seagulls on the sand closer and in more detail and the sea, the answer was 'not a lot'. Thing is, I was about to take a photo of her when her money ran out and she started walking off. Seeing me with my camera poised, she went back and posed. I was told "Don't tell anyone that all I can see is black will you?" No, of course I won't. Wouldn't dream of it. Yeah, right. How well do you know me? You know I love you really.


Louly said...

He he he , you're so funny and your sister sounds like a right larf. So you can't keep a secret then? Now I'm starting to worry, nudge nudge wink wink! (only joking, I know you'll never tell)

Lou xx

SmileyJo said...

Gee thanks sis! :-P I am a bit daft and not usually too afraid to show it eh?! lol xx

p.s. this woulda been posted 5mins ago if only I could remember my password!!