Saturday, 24 January 2009

Another catch-up - UKS Whodunnit Cybercrop

UKScrappers have a cybercrop week-end on the 6th, 7th and 8th February. To warm us up, we've been given a pre-crop LO challenge and daily challenges. Each daily challenge earns us a doughnut which we've been told we get to eat at the end LOL

Doughnut (yummy!)
I'm in the Lady Julia Grey Special Branch team

So far, there's been 8 daily challenges (excluding today's) and here's my daily crafting

Day 1 - make a bookmark

Day 2 - fingerprint and interrogate someone

Day 3 - Construct a 'usual suspects' LO using yesterday's evidence

Day 4 - Make a tag

showing hidden compartment

Day 5 - Decorate a bag

Day 6 - Use mini-doughnuts (eyelets) to make an embellishment

Day 7 - Prepare some interrogation questions for a teamie
(this was done completely digi)

Day 8 - Use spray mist or spray ink on a layout

I've been having great fun with this cybercrop and getting to know some of the other detectives on my team. I can hardly wait for the week-end's crop to come round. Prior notice, I will be away from here that week-end, but will be back to catch -up with you all and to show you what I get up to.

Love and hugs,

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Lea said...

Wow Sarah you have been a busy lady, absolutely lovely layouts and projects. I had to laugh at the interrogation one xxx