Saturday, 24 January 2009

Crafty Muse - challenges and stamps

Have you joined in with the latest challenge on Crafty Muse? If not and you like sketches, get on over there. The next challenge goes live on 30th January, so there's less than a week left. Here's a sneeky peek at something I've made for the next challenge.

Don't forget to go to Crafty Muse on 30th January to see what the challenge is and what the design team have all made to give you inspiration.

One last thing (but certainly not least)before I go from here. Sammi has started making stamps. She is offering to turn your works of art into stamps at a very reasonable cost. I took her up on the offer and had these turned into stamps which are simply brilliant.

Loads of love as always

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Sammi said...

the sneak peek is great! the whole thing is ever GREATER!! :) lol!