Tuesday, 7 April 2009

UKS Weekly Challenge - Laughter

The Scrappin' Gigglers set the latest weekly challenge on UKScrappers and it was to:
1) Scrap a photo that made you giggle/laugh because we are The Scrappin’ Gigglers =10 points
2) Use 5 of an embelli for the 5 Olympic Rings because the games were restarted in April 1896 = 5 points
3) Use something sparkly and/or magical for Paul Daniels’ birthday and our Tanfastic who is always sparkly =10 points
4) Use a title or quote from Oscar Wilde who was arrested on this day in 1895 = 5 points

So how did I manage the challenge? I

1) Scrapped photos of my mum trying to blow up an almost impossible balloon to prove it CAN be done!
2) Used 5 buttons around the top photo
3) Used black glitter glue on the title and circle frame
4) Used a quote ~ Life is too important to be taken seriously

I designed the title on my ROBO, cut it out 4 times and layered it before inking and glittering.

Thanks for looking
Take care, love and hugs
Sarah C xoxo

1 comment:

piro nun chiyaa said...

m getting nostalgic looking at all that u did... m thrown back in dose days wen were younger still, and spent a day or so making cards for friends...! though i never got any where close to how good your card is...but nothing can do it the way a self made card does :P