Wednesday, 10 June 2009


This post will stay pinned to the top of my blog until 10th June. Please scroll down for my other posts. Thanks!

It seems that not many of you wanted to enter so far, so I've changed it and am opening it up to everyone. The only rule now for entering is to start your post with CANDY.

CRAFTERS ONLY PLEASE - no CANDY ONLY blogs will be eligible to win.

Some of you will know that I have a milestone birthday coming up soon. Well, I have decided to treat one of you to some CANDY. I treat myself at the beginning of the year to some stash and doubled up on my order to give you the same as I got (plus I'll add some extras).

Don't forget that you MUST start your comment with CANDY.

After June 10th, the 40th comment with CANDY at the beginning will win. Comments will be kept under wraps until then.

You may enter as few or as many times as you like, but no more than once a day to give everyone a fair chance. If you comment here more than once a day, I'll only count your earliest correct comment for each day! IYKWIM? So, it's no good doing 40 comments now, then sitting back and waiting for the postie!!!

Here's what one person will get:

Patterned Papers
Prima Paintables
Rusty Pickle Chippboard Accents
Prima Daisy Crazy Blooms
Bag of Mixed PrimaFlowers
Pink Martini Rub-Ons
Basic Grey White Rub-Ons
Imaginisce Flashy Flourish Rub-Ons
Pink Pig Notebook
Ribbons and Lace

Good luck to you all and feel free to spread the word

Love and hugs
Sarah C xoxoxo


Sammie said...

Love that picture of your sister and the beautiful background you have created!
Have fun with your blog candy and why not start celebrating now??? Make a month or even 40 days of it LOL!

Donna said...

Oh Sarah, are you having the same milestone birthday that I had a couple of months ago? Is it the one where 'life begins?' Lol. Thanks for sharing the celebration with us, your candy sound fantastic. I'm not sure if I've picked you up right as to what link I'm meant to leave you but you can let me know If I've got it totally wrong he he.
Anyway, I left you a comment On this postHave I got that right? Enjoy your evening. Donna x

Donna said...

Candy. I commented hereHope I got this right lol. xx

Kim Y. said...

That is such a fun way to do a blog candy, Sarah. I like the idea.

Donna said...

I commented hereLol I so hope this isn't the same one I put last time Sarah. x

tee said...

Candy!! WOW..thank you for a chance to be part of your birthday celebrations!

my link is here:

of a post I have commented on. :)
xx Tee

bubblegum said...

Hi Sarah - so it is te BIG 40 this year eh..hope you have a wonderful birthday. :)
Thanks for the chance to win your yummy candy - sure could give that a nice crafty loving home..:)
Will link your candy in my side bar. :)


Donna said...

I left a comment here

Sammie said...

Candyyyyyyyyy! I'll try and do it right this time! I commented here!I know you are keeping the comments under wraps -but please let me know if I did it right or not or else I won't bre able to join in!!!!
Thanks for the lovely birthday present -what a luscious surprise and the cards are fabby too. You are toooooo kind!
Sammie x

Cazzy said...

Candy, candy candy, yes candy! I like it!

Going to put a link on my blog now.

Cazzy x

Oh happy birthday to you!

Ksenia said...

Candy is so sweet!
Happy birthday!!!!

fancyscrap said...

Candy.....mmmmmm.... it looks great! These are the things i need most!

Gi Gi said...

Candy mmmm. Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you get everything you wish for and more! Keep up the great work on the blog and thanks for doing this giveaway =)

Ksenia said...

Candy is so cute! Especially paper!!!

fancyscrap said...

Candy.... candy... paper... flowers....
Happy bithday!

Chris said...

Candy, candy, candy!! Wow...this is amazing birthday candy. Want to wish you a marvelous day and that all of your wishes come true!!

Kim Y. said...

CANDY for me, Sarah!!!! Hi Sarah! It's not that not too many people are entering, it's that everyone is waiting to be the 40th person to comment! :) So I thought I'll go first... Have a good one! Oh, can't wait to see your creation for crafty muse tomorrow.

Gi Gi said...

CANDY is AMAZING! I'm not sure if I can still enter as I don't have a blog but I am a crafter. Ignore this message if it's only for crafters with blogs =) Thanks either way and hope you reach 40 soon!!

Esme said...

CANDY like yours is fantastic!!
Thanks for the chance to enter!

Esme x

Sammi said...

Candy - it's letting me comment now! Yay!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you for next week (Oh - I will say it again too)!
I posted about your candy on my blog ..hopefully some more people will pop over to your blog!

Donna said...

Only me again hun, your candy looks fab. Enjoy your day. Donna x

Kim Y. said...

CANDY apple!!! I haven't have one of those in years!

Gi Gi said...

Candy!! Hi Sarah!! Happy birthday! Again, thanks for doing this =)

Kim Y. said...

Candy looks so yummy, Sarah! :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

Amanda J said...


Happy birthday hun, have a good one!

Donna said...

Hi Sarah, just popping over to enter you candy again. Donna x

Sian said...

CANDY, I just love candy and wow what a lot of scrummy candy you have ;)

Wishing you a wonderful birthday ;)

Go Canucks Go! said...

Candy is amazing =) Hi Sarah! Hope you're having fun reading all these messages. Again, I don't have a blog so ignore this message if it's only people with blogs. Thanks =)

Tracey Feeger said...


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you.
Hope you have a great day. What a wonderful candy to be giving away. Crossing my fingers.

G W said...

Candy YUM! Hi Sarah. Just doing my daily posting. Thanks =)

Regina said...

I wish you a most wonderful birthday on the 10.Sarah!
Hope you have a great day with lots of nice people and even nicer presents.
Just found your blog through another blog and so I discovered your Blog!
Thanks for offering up such wonderful blog candy! It’s so generous of you!
Lot of greetings from Germany

Regina said...

hi Sarah
I hope it is this posting alright.
That is really fantastic candy, thanks for the opportunity to win.
Many lots of greetings from Germany

tee said...! Hope I am the 40th comment so I can share your stash. :D xx Tee

Tracey Feeger said...


Another entry from me.
Hope you enjoy your time away.

Gigi said...

Candy YAY! Hope you're able to reach 40 =)

Anonymous said...

Candy....doesn't everyone love Candy???? thank you for a chance to share in your celebration!
xx Big Al

Anonymous said... know how much I love candy!! and my mommy likes it even more! I hope she is the lucky one!
thank you for the change to share your birthday celebration!
x Charlie

tee said...

CANDY!!!!!!!!!!! Don't we all love candy...erm..or is that chocolate??? My friend I hope you have enjoyed your birthday..we will have to celebrate again next time we see each other! Thank you for a chance to win your candy.
xx Tee