Friday, 7 August 2009

Bingo Anyone?

No, it's not a game of Bingo unfortunately, but I have altered a Bingo board I bought on Monday.

To start, I coated all the sides with a mix of brown, white and black acrylic paint and used a crumpled piece of kitchen tissue to sort of stipple it. Then, I added some red ribbon and tied a couple of short strands of brown fibre near the knot.

I used Karen's masking tutorial to stamp the images (Annie collection by Lou and Karen and exclusive to Charmed) onto 260gsm card. Thanks for the instructions Karen, it worked a treat. These were coloured using my Prisma pencils and blending pencil. Not sure what I think to it, but I still haven't made some of the paper stumps. After cutting the images I stuck them down using foam pads. To make sure they stuck well, I added a drop of PVA glue to the side that would be sticking to the paint.

The wording was cut on my ROBO, stuck with PVA and doodled on.

The only sad thing, is that some or all of it will be covered with the paper I clip there reminding me of things 'TO DO'.

Thanks for looking


Sian said...

Ooooh, that's fabby Sarah, love the image. I have a few bingo boards lying around, maybe it's time to wipe the dust off them and get crafting ;)

Mrs N said...

Such a cool idea for an old classic of a bingo board! can I steal your idea one day?!

Sarah C said...

If I can inspire some of you to craft with a bingo board or anything else come to that, then feel free to 'lift' my ideas.

honora2929 said...

Thats really fab sarah .what a good idea might have to lift it if you dont mind .

Sarah C said...

feel free to 'lift'. This one's really easy to do, but you can get as adventurous as you feel like