Friday, 11 July 2008

Pick A Letter

The DT on Dottie's World take it in turns to sets a Sunday challenge. This weeks was to use an image from the Dottie/George/Cat collections available from Charmed and to Pick A Letter. We had to use different elements on the card using just the one letter we'd chosen.

The letter I chose was B.

Dottie's Balancing on the ladder
She's holding a Happy Birthday Banner
I've used a Bling Brad on the Banner
I've put four Buttons on the corners of the card
The Buttons, Brad and ladder are Blue
I've used Black Bling gems for Dottie's eyes


Juliet said...

Here's another 'B' Sarah - Brilliant!!! Thanks for taking part with such a fab card.
Juliet xx

Mee said...

And another'B', Beautiful!!! :o)

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! I it sure is Brilliant and Beautiful and Borgeous (well I do mean gorgeous... I couldn't think of another 'B'!

Louly said...

Aw girls! You haven't left me a b word! How about blummin' marvellous? I love it Sarah, thanks for playing. xxx

Sian said...

Wow, love it, great card Sarah :)

Karen said...

That's b-b-b-b-brilliant! :o)

Mellie said...

Boy that's a great card lol. (had to join in with the others lol)