Sunday, 19 October 2008

Catch Up, But No Craft To Show

Sometimes life is a series of hills and mountains that need climbing. After getting (almost) over my virus, I'm jobless!. I never got the one at Cambridge or one they put me in for at Histon. I got asked if I'd like my CV putting forward for one at Papworth, but I can't get there on the bus and don't have daily access to a car. So, here I am waiting to hear if I can get Job Seeker's Allowance and Housing Benefit again. Until then, I'm living off the money I saved from the work I have done this year! I did have details of a job that; if I got it, would have set me up for the next phase of my life. But, after ringing a mobile several times to be told the inbox was full, I found out that they'd had at least 100 people ring and were ploughing through them before opening it up again, if at all! Until a job comes along and inbetween job hunting, I'm free to talk to and see family and friends, catch up with my friends on forums, blog and blog hop and of course craft!!!

After 2 weeks of being mostly indoors, I've been lucky enough to have 3 days out and about where I've taken some Autumn photos. Don't faint, but I've even managed to update my photo blog with some of them.

I spent 2 days/evenings making some Christmas cards this week. One of my sisters had hoped to have a stall at a local fete. She asked if I'd like her to try and sell some of my cards in return for looking after her children while she did it. Of course I said yes. The chance to have some time with my niece and nephews was enough, but it had the added prospect of maybe making a little money. Unfortunately it never happened, so I'm left with quite a few cards looking for homes. My plan B is to see if David's Dad still wants some cards to sell at his church to raise some funds and split the proceeds. Will be good if he says yes, but I have a plan C which is to keep them and add to them over the year and then have a stall myself somewhere.

That's my catch-up. See you here again soon.

Take care, love and hugs


Sian said...

I'm glad you are slowly getting over your virus and I'm really sorry to hear about the job front. Sending you loads of ((((( hugs ))))) and fingers crossed your future will bring you everything you need :)

Donna said...

Hi Sarah, sorry to hear your out of work, it must be really difficult and frustrating. You should see about taking part in a fete or something, you never know what will come out of it and even if it doesn't make you rich i'm use you'll meet some lovely crafters there. Take care and keep smiling. Donna x