Saturday, 19 July 2008

2 Days, 4 LO's ~ Is This I Record For Me?

On Thursday I went to stay with my really good friend Tee for the night. We spent Thursday evening and Friday afternoon crafting and it was so brilliant to have someone to craft and chat with. We even managed to craft with a glass (or 2) of wine!!

Here's the four LO's I did while I was there:

My nephew's 3rd birthday

David's Dad and Sylvia at a housewarming we had

My Great-Grandparents on my Mum's side

My Nan (Mum's Mum)


Sian said...

Wow, what a wonderful selection of LOs and well done you - 4 in 2 days ;)

tee said...

These are gorgeous LO's Sarah and even more so IRL. It was really fun having you to stay! Looking forward to the next time. :)

Ickle Pickle said...

Wow, you've been a busy bee :) Gorgeous Sarah, I love them all :)